From my clients…

I have known Lynda Ray for many years, and I never cease to be amazed by the depth of her knowledge of astrology. But what really sets her apart from other astrologers is her ability to apply that knowledge to the world we live in. her intelligence, perception, and wit enable her to explain the planetary influences on our personal lives and the sometimes seemingly irrational behavior we and the people around us display. Her insight into the “bigger picture”, the natural forces causing world events, when to expect changes and how to get through those challenging times when everything goes wrong—“you definitely don’t want to sign any contracts next week. In fact, I’m removing all the pens from your house, just in case”—are somehow always reassuring, not to mention entertaining. Lynda Ray is the only astrologer I recommend to my friends and family. She’s in a class by herself.

Ruth B., TV Writer and Producer, Beverly Hills, CA

I have been seeking Lynda’s guidance for over 20 years. Her vast knowledge of astrological aspects and her intuitive sensibilities were apparent in her first reading of my birth chart. Since then, I have requested a transit reading prior to making any significant changes in my life (moving, marriage, career changes), and I have always found her advice to be invaluable. She also warned me at one time to be particularly receptive to meeting an important person, “really important, as in you could marry him”. I laughed, but had she not said that to me, I probably would not have introduced myself to the stranger who caught my eye. We married quickly, and are still madly in love 12 years later. Thank you, Lynda!

Joanna Beaulieu, President,, San Diego, CA

A testimonial…
Lynda’s knowledge as an astrologer is accentuated by her insight and sensibility, and, what is perhaps most unique, a deep-seated and far-reaching instinct not to judge.
Her focus, kindness and the depth of her perception create a palpable sense of connection that makes the reading come alive and above all very personal.
Much as some are natural healers, Lynda is a natural counselor.

Jenni Gordon, French Instructor, University of Michigan

What can I say about Lynda Ray? She has been a friend and mentor for over 20 years and has taught me everything I know about astrology. Beginning with my natal chart at an early age, to understanding and trying to make sense of my ‘Saturn Return’ in my late 20’s. Guiding me thru relationships and marriage in my 30’s and 40’s with the teaching of composite charts and synastry. And now we come to the North Node and oh boy, a second Saturn Return! Lynda has taught me so much about myself, my relationships, my life, my soul and my journey… all through this valuable tool called ‘Astrology’. I would recommend her knowledgeable and insightful readings to anyone who would like to understand the cycles of their journey! I would be lost without her guidance and wisdom and, did I mention, she is funny too! Just read her weekly column and you will be hooked!

Nikki Davidge, Corte Madera, CA

I have heeded Lynda Ray’s gentle and startlingly accurate advice for more
than ten years now. She is highly educated in the applications of astrology
and very skilled at imparting guidance. Once you discover Lynda, her
readings, not to mention her soothing manner, will become mandatory help for
navigating whatever life cycle you are in. She is a superb astrologer.

Jeannie D., Publishing Manager, New York City, NY

I really value Lynda’s insight into the influences that the universe around me has on my life. The opportunities and precautions which she helps me to be more aware of allow me to better prepare myself for life’s twists and turns. She has been remarkably spot on in her interpretations of what she perceives in my chart.
Thank you Lynda for your help.

Brodie Burris, Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist, Ann Arbor, MI