Personal consultations by telephone or in person are available by appointment. Video conference readings with Skype or Zoom are also possible. Personal readings are primarily in Ann Arbor, Michigan. All readings include a color copy of the birthchart and a link to download an audio file of the consultation. To schedule a reading, see CONTACT INFORMATION. To read feedback, see TESTIMONIALS.

Types of readings include the following:


Character and personality traits
Material desires
Communication and style of thinking
Family structure
Creative outlets
Health issues
Relationship mode
Passions and desires
Strengths and weaknesses
Travel and higher learning aspirations
Career potential
Hopes and Dreams
Emotional and spiritual pursuits

If you’ve never had a full-on astrological interpretation of your birth chart, please consider starting with this reading. It gives you insight into all aspects of your chart. What you are meant to be learning, where you have natural talents, where you have stumbling blocks, what sort of experiences help you grow, what sort of relationships are best for you, what type of work suits you, where you are most creative, where you are most practical, and many more character and personality traits that combine to make you who you are.

70-Minute Consultation for $150.00




Past, current, and future cycles are explained to reveal the timing of the events one experiences in order to live up to the positive potentials of the chart or to overcome the challenges. This consultation provides guidance on getting the most out of planetary phases, including when to pursue specific goals; start or end a project; manage your financial matters; schedule an important event; or search for a romantic partner.

70-Minute Consultation for $150.00 covers 1 year in detail or a 2 year overview.
90-Minute Consultation for $175.00 covers 2 years in detail or a 3 year overview.
(Discounts available for regular clients)


An in-depth look at two charts and the interaction between them. Provides an interpretation of the dynamics of the relationship. Helps both individuals understand their differences, and can describe whether their possibly incongruent traits are inspiring or hard to handle. This reading can be applied toward any sort of one-to-one relationship including romantic, familial, professional, or not yet developed.

90-Minute Consultation for $175.00 (includes two birth charts)
(Discounts available for regular clients)